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Pay Bills Online

Do you hate the hassle of writing cheques or waiting in long queues just to pay your bills? If that is so, then pay your bills online!

Why Pay Bills Online?

Online bills payments are definitely the easiest way to pay nowadays. All you have to do is prop yourself in front of a computer with Internet connection, log on to your online bank account, and you're all set. The payment process takes just a matter of minutes. It's a fast, easy, and safe way to pay your bills.

What Features Do Online Bill Payment Sites Have?

What bills can you pay online? Actually, so long as the company accepts bill payments online, there is no limit as to which or how many bills you can pay over the Internet. Here is a checklist of the bills that you can pay through online bill payment sites:

* Home bills- electricity, telephone, water
* Credit card bills
* Superannuation bills
* School fees
* Transportation charges- plane tickets for holidays, recreation, reservations
* Professional services- lawyers, financial counselors, or tradesmen
* Fees for club activities and memberships
* Online marketplaces and retailers, like eBay, DoveBid, and others
* Deposits to investment or share accounts
* Subscriptions and recurring payments- magazines or newspapers you've subscribed to

How do you use online bill payment as your method of payment? Below are the usual instructions that are given to those who wish to pay their bills online:

* Sign up for an online account with your bank or credit card company. Basically, you will just have to log on to their site and follow the instructions on how to set up an online account.
* Go to the site of the company where you owe your bill. For example, if it is for water, go to your water company's website and select the bill that you want to pay. You will be given payment methods to choose from. Usually, these methods are chequing or savings account, credit card (both of which you have to provide your full account number), COD, or an online bill payment site. Choose the bill payment site, select your preferred funding source, and follow instructions.
* You will be provided with the details of your transaction. You may print this out and keep it for your records.

How Does An Online Bills Payment Site Work?

Online bills payment sites just usually serve as intermediaries between you and the company where you owe your bills. Therefore, you will need to register in any funding source to your bills payment account. This can be your chequing, savings or credit card account. When you pay your bills, the online bills payment site shells the money out of the funding source you choose and relays this to the company. Since you no longer have to give your bank account or credit card account numbers all the time, which is rather risky, paying bills through these online intermediaries are definitely safer.

Tips On Online Bills Payment Security

Online bills payment sites are usually very secure sites. However, there are still times when phishing and hacking issues come into fore. How do you avoid them? Here are some tips:

* Try not to give out your passwords to anyone.
* Be careful in sharing to others information that you have saved in your bills payment account, most especially your account numbers. This is the easiest way to have your bills payment account hacked by some illegitimate user.

* In case you see unauthorised charges on your bank or credit card statements and you're sure that you've registered this bank or credit card to your bills payment account, notify the online bills pay customer service AND the financial institution involved.